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Solar street light Project



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05 - 04 - 2020



Solar street light Project description.

This Solar street light Project is a 60W solar lighting system, built in USA, 8m pole.
Solar street light Project
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Solar street light Project
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Solar street light Project
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Solar street light Project
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Solar street light Project Specification.

1. Solar street light project LED lamp 60W.

A. Low light decay LED from U.S >130 Lm /W ,10,000 hours light decay < 3%.
B. LED beam angle: 150°, rectangular light distribution , high edge illumine. 50W LED lamp ground illumines equals to 250W sodium lamp (HPS), 30 W LED equals to 150W sodium light.

2. Solar street light project Solar Panel 150W2.

High efficiency A class chip, high power, stable output, high transparency optical glass

3. Solar street light project Light Pole 8m height.

Street Light Pole body using a molding, steel rods (Q235) welds shall be smooth, the entire weld rod protruding portion of the rod formation error should not be greater than ± 1mm. Poles treated with preservatives for the hot-dip galvanizing. Zinc coating surface is smooth and beautiful, shiny consistency. Pole surface spray thickness ≧ 100um.

4. Solar street light project Battery 150Ah*2

A. By using Nano technology, the battery is waterproof and breathing free.
B. Enable to bury underground to achieve optimal constant environment temperature.
C. Over-charge and over-discharge protection

5. Solar street light project Intelligent digital controller

A. Self development LED intelligent module power consumption 0.0625W to replace regular LED constant current driver which consumer 15-20 of system power.
B. SFC control technology combine with human eyes vision persistence effect(25 frames/second), saves 50% power compared with constant analogue control.
C. LED SWC intelligent control module, achieved unique energy saving model after midnight, saves >15% power.
D. Working duration without sunshine 5 times longer than regular Solar street light, realize 100% lighting throughout the year.
Solar street light Project