led street light

Why use LED street light

LED light is a kind of solid-state semiconductor devices that can change the electricity energy to visible light. Energy-efficient, low-voltage drive, low power consumption (single tube 0.05W). Emitting power conversion close to 98%. LED lamps can be energy saving of 60% -80% than traditional lights and the installation is flexible, durable and reliable. Green, no UV no infrared rays, no radiation, soft lighting effect, no flash, are the real green lighting. LED lighting does not heat, no mercury and xenon and other harmful elements conducive to recovery and secondary use.

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LED street light features & benefits

LED street lamp with directional light, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response, high shock resistance, long life, environmental protection and other advantages running gradually into people's vision, become the new generation of the world's most advantageous alternative energy-saving light to traditional light sources. Therefore, LED lights will be the best choice in energy-saving street lighting projects. That semiconductor lighting LED lights to light-emitting diodes as a light source. It is a solid cold light source with characteristics of environmental pollution, low power consumption, high light efficiency, long life and others.

led street light
led street light

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