Correct purchase of solar street lights to avoid risks

The solar energy market has now existed, true and false. Today I will explain how to buy suitable solar lamps and lanterns.

The composition of solar lights.

1, solar panels

Solar panel has monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon, and the monocrystalline silicon conversion efficiency is higher. The polycrystalline silicon conversion efficiency is lower than monocrystalline silicon. The performance of the two kinds is similar to big power 100W, but the volume of polycrystalline silicon will be a little larger.

2, the battery storage part

The battery has two types: traditional lead-acid colloidal maintenance-free and lithium batteries.

Lead-acid batteries, conventional batteries, the life cycle is not as long as lithium batteries while having memory, can not be 100% discharge, only 75% of the depth of discharge, is not recommended.
Lithium batteries have lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium batteries. Lithium iron phosphate batteries must be more expensive than ternary lithium. If you choose batteries, we recommend a ternary lithium battery.

Focus on why lithium iron is not recommended because the price of lithium iron is 1/3 higher than ternary lithium, the market as long as the use of lithium iron to do solar energy is used in dismantled batteries, old batteries. Only with dismantled batteries, to ensure the price, life is not guaranteed. So, you see, lithium iron is cheaper than lithium ternary. Topsolar is a very large factory specializing in dismantling lithium iron phosphate batteries, acquired in large quantities from abroad, dismantled out of re-allocation pairing, and then made into solar lamps flowing to the market.

3, controller

Different manufacturers, different quality.
Big brands can also be a problem, mainly depending on the mastery of the assembly plant program.

4, lamp housing

This water is substantial. This lamp housing has die-casting aluminum material and ABS plastic material. The benevolent, the wise to see the wisdom of the minion. Die-casting is better and typhoon-resistant.

Solar street light program classification.

1, Time control program

The traditional manufacturers here make the light 1 to 2 hours after the time control to half power, then light for a while, and then change the power so that the hardware indicators do not meet the premise. You can extend the lamp’s life.

2, human body induction program

People come nearby with full brightness, and when people go, then turn to 10%. This configuration reduces, the cost drops, and the range is extended.

The categories of solar street lights.

1, 5 ~ 15W small street lights

This lamp is cost-effective. Many businesses mark as 20W, 40W, and 60W, which are deceptive. How can a small solar panel and battery supply a 60W lamp? The actual maximum small can do 10W, and then higher overload deception. These small lamps and lanterns are used in rural areas and other places. It is to ensure that the power generation towards the sun.

Correct purchase of solar street lights to avoid risks

2, 10 ~ 30W street lights

This fixture is for human induction. Real power, configuration increased, thus used in rural areas requiring a long duration, the cost is also low.
Correct purchase of solar street lights to avoid risks

3, 20 ~ 50W street lamp

This lamp is more commonly used, but most manufacturers steal indicators. Solar panels minus a little, the battery minus a little, the profit is great. Indicators can only be checked by test. It isn’t easy to see with the naked eye. The naked eye, that is, the indicators steal a large.
Correct purchase of solar street lights to avoid risks

4, 20 ~ 80W integrated lamps and lanterns, primarily engineering foreign trade exports with more, easy to install, fixed on the light, saving the cost of manual installation.

Correct purchase of solar street lights to avoid risks

How to identify whether the product is good or bad

1, compare the brightness and light time. Brightness is difficult to define with the naked eye. Only the integrating sphere accurately measures the luminous efficiency value.

2, use a stage, the instability program less than one month to expose the problem.
3, disassemble the battery box and look at the battery. Measure whether the capacity is up to standard. Use the charger full, and then discharge with a large load. With time and discharge power, you can calculate the battery capacity. Now all the battery measurements are full to empty the prevailing, which is not accurate.
4, compare the size of the solar panel. The essential size can also be a simple way to determine whether to steal indicators. Or, against solar energy, measuring the current-voltage, you can calculate the power.

Unscrupulous manufacturers like to use more tricks

1, stealing the concept

Praise for suitable lamps and lanterns, good batteries, good solar panels, big brands do lamp beads also have a different level, only applicable is good. At the same time, the actual measurement of light efficiency with the integrating sphere, you know how good. Battery lithium iron is excellent, but most old batteries with dismantled batteries will not be better than the ternary lithium. Lithium batteries do an excellent job of protecting the plate protection, is not exploding. Solar panels are good, but they are also divided into manufacturers to do the process and standards. The actual measurement of power generation is the right solution.

2, steal indicators

Lamps marked index is very large, but the actual use of very small. Not a professional is difficult to see, only with instruments or other manufacturers able to detect. So, the price difference is significant and should be paid attention to.

In conclusion, good quality lamps and lanterns only time can test out. Try to choose a professional manufacturer, do not look at the scale to see whether the boss understands the technology. Or designing the wrong specification will make out a solar bomb.

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