Why solar street lights can replace traditional street lights

We all know that road lighting is an important part of urban lighting. We used traditional street lights in the past, but now traditional street lights are slowly being eliminated, and solar street lights have become a popular product. What are the advantages of solar LED street lights over conventional street lights? Why can we gradually replace traditional street lights?
Why solar street lights can replace traditional street lights

There are six main reasons for solar street lights to replace traditional street lamps

One, more energy saving and environmental protection

In the past, ordinary street lights contained some harmful substances and rays in the spectrum. LED street lights are mercury-free, UV-free, and radiation-free, which are more conducive to environmental protection and human eye health. Compared with ordinary street lights, LED street lights are an energy-saving and environmental protection lighting product, which is more in line with our needs.

Second, low input cost.

The traditional street light in the paving project is much more complicated than LED street light, not only digging holes but also leading the way, the human resources and material resources are very expensive, and the electricity cost of traditional street light is very high, the cost is also higher.
  LED street lights not only do not need to dig a hole or even cable but also need to intercept 1/3 of the ordinary street lights, saving a lot of labor and material costs. "Compared with traditional street lights, LED street lights are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. LED street lights cost much less than ordinary street lights.
  In addition, the maintenance cost of LED street lights is also meager, with less than six years to recover the total investment cost.

Third, the lighting brightness.

Compared with traditional street lights, LED street lights’ lighting function is more vital. A 60W LED street light, its brightness can reach 250 W high-pressure sodium lamp illumination. Not only can it save a lot of electricity, and even the brightness has been greatly improved. And the light color of LED street light is uniform; it does not add a lens and does not sacrifice the uniform light color to improve the brightness.

Fourth, reliable quality.

I believe many people will care about the quality of LED street lights. Now let’s talk about its quality. You can rest assured that LED street lights are because its circuit power supply uses high-quality components. Each LED has individual overcurrent protection, so you don’t need to worry about damage. Moreover, it’s waterproof and impact resistant, and the quality is safe and reliable.
Why solar street lights can replace traditional street lights
  Generally speaking, LED street light is an excellent environmental protection and energy-saving product. Due to its many advantages, it has gradually entered people’s view and become the best energy-saving light source in the world, replacing the traditional street light. It is also the best choice for road lighting! If you need to buy LED street lights, we must choose a regular street light manufacturer to ensure the quality of the product and the speed of follow-up!

Five. High safety factor

Previously, we also mentioned that ordinary street lights, i.e., high-pressure sodium lamps, contain harmful substances and rays in the spectrum, which can cause pollution to the environment and also cause slight damage to the human body. "Not only that, ordinary street lights are complicated to install, and the use of the process may also occur in fire, electric shock, and other accidents. And LED street lights will be more at ease in the installation, and use can significantly reduce safety risks.

Sixth, long service life

We all know that the long life of this street light impact is huge; if the life is not long, it means that it should be replaced often. Frequent replacement is not only costly but also causes a lot of inconveniences. When the replacement affects the traffic, reinstallation also has many troubles.

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