The role of solar street light controller

With the development of technology, LED street lights are now using solar photo electricity to convert so that you can achieve energy saving, safety, and convenience. And it is equipped with a solar street light controller, which can be controlled by a microprocessor and display an intelligent charge and discharge controller, using high-quality, low-loss, long-life components to ensure its reliable performance so that the solar street light system can generally work for a long time, reducing the maintenance costs of the system. So what is the role of the solar street light controller? Next Topsolar Xiaobian will introduce to you.
The role of solar street light controller

1, The role of control

The fundamental role of the solar street light controller is, of course, to have a control role; when the sun shines to the solar panel, the solar panel will charge the battery, while the controller will automatically detect the charging voltage so that the solar lighting output voltage, then the solar street light complete the charging process.

2, Voltage stabilization role

When solar energy irradiation to the solar panel, the solar panel will give the battery charging, while its voltage is very unstable. If it is charged directly, it may reduce the battery’s service life and may even cause damage to the battery.
  The controller is also a voltage regulator, which can input battery voltage for constant voltage current limit; when the battery is fully charged, you can keep a small part of the current charging or not charging.

3, The role of voltage boost

The solar street light controller also has a boosting effect; when the controller does not detect the voltage output, the solar street light controller controls output voltage if the battery voltage is 24V, but reaching the normal light needs 36V. The controller will boost the voltage so that the battery can reach the level of the led light. This function is necessary through the solar street light controller to achieve the LED lights.

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