How to determine the height of the street light pole?

With the popularity of solar street lights, more and more projects are adopting solar street lights. So how high should you choose a solar street light pole? How to calculate the distance between every two solar street lights?

Now let’s talk about it in detail. The following is an example of 20 meters road width.

First, if the road is 20 meters wide, it should be considered the main road, so the lamps must be installed on both sides. In addition, the lighting requirements of the road mainly include illumination requirements and illumination uniformity, where the uniformity of the general to is above 0.3, the greater the uniformity, indicating that the solar street light, the more spread out, the better the lighting effect.
How to determine the height of the street light pole
  Therefore, we can assume a double row of symmetrical layout. The height of the street lamp pole is at least greater than 1/2 the width of the road, so the height of the pole should be up to 10-12 meters; assume a 10-meter pole, street lamp installation spacing is generally about 3-4 times the height of the pole, so the spacing of at least 30 meters; and then assume that the solar street lamp has a 30-meter spacing, the height of the pole is 10 meters, to LED street lamps, for example, in this case, The actual working power of the solar street light should be above 80W to meet the lighting requirements of the main road.
  Secondly, illumination and power are related to the installation height of the lamps. For solar street lights, we hope that the larger the angle of the irradiated light, the better, so that the uniformity will also be good, and can make the light pole spacing larger, reduce the number of light pole installations, saving costs.

Finally, suppose the solar intelligent street light has a spacing of 40 meters. In that case, if the height of the street light pole is 10 meters, the LED street light power is 80W, and the bilateral cloth light, how is the illumination calculated? Therefore, it is necessary to test the 80W street light first because different manufacturers of street lights, the use of LED is not the same, and with light lens is not the same. The same considerable power of the total luminous flux will not be the same, which also leads to the illumination of the road is not the same.

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