How does solar street light works

Solar energy is the primary energy of the entire earth. It is inexhaustible and belongs to green and renewable resources. If we make full use of it, it will significantly improve the current situation of the earth’s lack of energy.
solar energy

Basic introduction to the workflow of solar street lights

Solar street light is a photovoltaic lighting system. The specific process is as follows. During the day, the solar panel converts the solar energy into direct current energy and stores the energy in the battery. At night, the energy is provided to the LED lights for their lighting use. This cycle repeats all the time.
how solar street light works

Detailed introduction to the workflow of solar street lights

The solar street light includes the following 5 parts.

  1. Energy conversion and production
  2. Energy storage system
  3. Energy consumption system
  4. System control equipment
  5. System support equipment

Energy conversion and production

To be able to irradiate the earth’s surface, there must be a device to transform it before humans can use it. Solar panels can effectively convert solar energy and convert solar energy into energy for lamps and lanterns.

Energy storage system

After the solar energy is converted to valuable energy, there must be a storage place, and the rechargeable battery is the device for storing energy.

Energy consumption system

LED lamp continues to consume energy, and solar panels convert this energy from solar energy.

System control equipment

The conversion of solar energy must have a control device. We set the control parameters to control the system’s charging and discharging. This is the controller in the system.

System support equipment

All the above parts should have a place to be installed, and the light poles and solar panel brackets are their supporting devices.

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